Pinky Swear (split EP)

by The Michael Character & Lawn Care

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I met Cameron of Lawn Care when we played the same Pittsburgh house show back in the summer of 2012. I was immediately struck by how much more like Jeff Rosenstock than me his song writing style was; in other words, I immediately became a fan.

This in mind, it is a real honor to put out this split with him.

These songs are our way of identifying what is really bothering us at any given moment so that we can do something to improve ourselves. I'd like to think that we're a tiny bit better for having made this split. If nothing else, I don't feel bored anymore.


released February 7, 2014

Everything written and recorded and played and mixed by The Michael Character.

Recorded at Bane Voice with a single condenser mic and some sort of baby version of Protools that lets you do like two things. Not mastered because I don't know what that even means.

Art by Joey Gambatese



all rights reserved


The Michael Character Boston, Massachusetts

Acoustic punk based in Boston, MA. Absolutely willing to drive very far to play for you and five of your vaguely alternative friends in your combination kitchen/laundry room. Hit me up.


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Track Name: TMC - Third Time This Week
Single guy orders take-out Thai
Two entrées and an appetizer
Then the cute, young waitress asks him
"how many pairs of chopsticks"
does he need?
He replies with one sad, sullen squeak
Track Name: TMC - The Spins
Keep your eyes closed or you'll get the spins
Keep your eyes open or you'll get the spins

Fell asleep on the 66
Woke up by Northeastern, in whatever neighborhood that is
Stumbling sideways
Can't hardly find my way
Just the railing of a concrete stoop to keep me off the ground
'Till she approached me, with no judgment
Said "smile, it'll be alright" then kept on her way
Snapped back, still unsober, to find myself forgiven
That woman in Allston doesn't like you anyway...
So just go home.
Track Name: TMC - Bored This Way
My house that I rent has white siding and a literal picket fence
Symbolic of growing up
Symbolic of taking on responsibilities that don’t matter to anyone but me
I spent all day cooking and cleaning
And finding new ways to organize my closet so that my instruments stay temperate
And don’t get too humid when the summer comes
Well now the servers at the diner all know my name
Because I order the exact same breakfast every Sunday
At a slightly different time each week
‘Cause on the weekends I’m free to fail at punctuality
We went out to a hotel bar, bought a fancy fucking cheese plate
and Tuesday Margaritas
Then we went right back, right back to the grind

Friend’s weddings, a bar’s close
And other times I’m embarrassed to be alone
I merge onto 93
But can’t risk a solo flight in the special designated lane for HOVs
I spend all day grading and planning my lessons
So I could do some more than merely teaching to a test
But the boredom brings them down
So I pack my shit, move on to another town

What do you say to a friend you haven’t seen in 6 months?
Don’t think about them that much
Have another beer and then pretend to give a shit
About how 23 ain’t so bad
Things are going alright
Work is still a drag and you’re still tired from these long nights
But things could be worse as much as they could be better now
Maybe it’s preferable to be bored together than bored on your own
Track Name: TMC - Routine (or Nobody, Nothing, Don't Worry About It pt. 2)
I like my routines
They give structure to me
They make my life easier
I know where I’m going
I know where I’m going to next
But my tracks always showin’
I’ve got a shadow on deck
It’s not boredom it’s not lack of fulfillment it’s not hung over mornings it’s not wasting the weekend it’s not being too lazy not ignoring all my friends it’s just I’m really fucking tired and could use a little rest that’s all
Long night out in the city
Phone out
Gettin’ sad getting’ shitty
Scrollin’ past your name
I’m on my way out
I’m on my way now
Yea I’ll be on my way out
Just gotta pin this feeling down
It’s not boredom it’s not lack of fulfillment it’s not hung over mornings it’s not wasting the weekend it’s not being too lazy not ignoring all my friends it’s just I’m really fucking tired and could use a little rest
It’s not the dead weight of anxiety that pinned me down in college
Or the fear of dying lonely without ever being acknowledged
As worthwhile human person with a little more to give
Than half-way virtues spat with arrogance after a couple beers
Oh no, it's not that
It’s just I’m really fuckin’ tired
Track Name: Lawn Care - (Lawn) Care Too Much
I'm gonna cut wood all day until I feel okay
I'm gonna mow the grass and weedwhack like it's motherfucking prozac
Gonna trim the trees like they're all my bad memories
And when I lay down fertelizer it's gonna be so I can forget about her
Need a beer, need a smoke, need a reason not to love you
Or a break, just some time, to catch my breath and figure out what I'm doing here

Cause I'll go back to you even if I don't really want to
If just to bide my time 'till I feel less alone
And no this isn't love but it's close enough neck-deep in neuroses
I won't write you that letter and I won't pick up the phone
(Just kidding)

Cause it's summer now and Orion's gone and when I stand out on my lawn
All I see is that fucking swan and Cygnus don't know shit about me
No it won't take me out of here, I have a savior it's called beer
It's funny after all these years I'm somehow still surprised that I'm lonely

So if I can't find love I'll just put on gloves and rearrange some organic matter
I'll pull up all the roots like I'm seeking truth, but I really just wanna lose this farmer's tan
Track Name: Lawn Care - Don't Be Sorry, Be Careful
Well I don't care if it meant nothing
Or if it meant the fucking world
'Cause for one reason or another I can't convince myself you're just another girl
No, we've got history
Oh yeah we spent a lot of time
Saying "holy fuck I miss you, what did I get myself into, is there any way out of this state of mind?"

Don't be sorry, just be careful.

Some chances only come once
Some chances never come at all
So move your ass
Some chances only come once
You'd better learn to recognize them when they call

Well when did you become so bitter?
And when did I become the same?
There has to be a concrete problem and there'd better be someone that I can blame who isn't me
I don't have energy to change
I'll make the same mistakes I used to 'till eventually I lose you
I push everyone away with enough time
I do it every time
Track Name: Lawn Care - God DAMMIT Daryl
She says the seven years between us have her feeling old as hell
But can you blame me if often lately I don't feel all that young myself?
I mean really, since when do I know people talking about getting married?
I mean really, I've got this terrible feeling that in seven years I'll feel just as fucked,
That I can settle, get lucky, or just give up
I'm through worrying about capital "Y-o-u"
And telling myself I'm another sad story
Thinking that I'm always gonna be lonely
It just isn't true
(At least I hope it's not true)

But you've still got me living from weekend to weekend
I'm sick when you leave and I'm stuck with these few friends
It's forty-five minutes to this stupid campus
So what happens when there's an ocean between us?

Don't go.
Don't go.

God DAMMIT Daryl

She says we've only got a few more weeks before you go back home
But I can't think about time without thinking about being alone
She says she's pretty goddamned certain this ain't our last goodbye
But I don't need seven years to know how time can fly
Track Name: Lawn Care - And Counting
Well the love hit me hard but so did the resentment
It's hard to be too happy when you're baffled by contentment
Got a pile of year-old problems that I swear I'm gonna get to
As soon as I can figure out how I feel about you

And I don't think I'm sorry
Are we even still friends?
You talk about the future
Do you not know how this ends?

We can talk about the weather, we can talk about whatever
Just promise this feeling isn't gone forever
Got a taste of the life that you could have lived,
But it's hard to forget and it's harder to forgive

I'm sick of being sorry
Can we jut all be friends?
I think about the past these days and I don't know how this ends

Three people all stuck in one shitty situation
Two houses, three buildings, four months
Fallen out of love twice, broken more hearts than I cared to
Can things just work out for once?